Summer Opportunities

Summers aren't just for tanning anymore!

Sorry, I am a little bummed about that, too. There are tons of options for your summer, though, so don't feel like you are stuck in a box. You can use your summertime for any number of different activities; all of which can help you gain acceptance into professional school in the future. Take  a look at just a few of the options you have below, and remember that you can do more than one of these options at a time. Mix and match activities to customize your summer.


  • Summer classes are a popular option for many students at Tech who want to add a little breathing room to their fall and spring semesters.
  • Summer semester can take two forms: short or full.
    • Short Summer I and Short Summer II are each just 6 weeks of class.
    • Full Summer is 12 weeks. 
  • You will move faster through course material during summer classes, so remember that for every credit you take in the summer, multiply by 1.5 to get the equivalent fall/spring workload as a reference.
  • 9 credit hours is a full-time schedule during the summer.
  • Many students take one or two classes while doing something else (working, shadowing, volunteering, etc.)
  • Summer class registration is at the same time as Fall registration.
  • Study abroad is also a fun and eye-opening option, while still gaining class credit.


  • Shadowing means that you are around PATIENTS. Filing doesn't count.
  • Summer is a great time to shadow since you aren't distracted by a full class load and you probably have more time to spend in a healthcare office.
  • Find more information about Shadowing here.


  • There are thousands of volunteering opportunities available.
  • Volunteering does not have to be patient-centered or even healthcare related.
  • Like shadowing, summer is a great time to volunteer, since your load is probably a little lighter.
  • Find more information about Volunteering here.


  • If you are worried about finances, the summer is a great time to build up some savings.
  • Your job does not have to be medically related and can be full or part-time.
  • Working in any form shows maturity, dedication, and a willingness to work hard. It's also a great opportunity to get a recommendation letter lined up.

Summer Programs:

  • These take many forms, including academic, research, pre-medical, community service, and international relief.
  • The digest is LOADED with them all the way through the spring. You can also Google things like "Pre-Med Summer Programs" and tons of them will come up.
  • Most have deadlines from late February through early April, so start looking sooner rather than later.
  • These can be anywhere from two weeks to ten weeks. Find the one that fits your schedule!